A design studio? A bizarre programmers collective? A liberation movement against the hipsters? A bunch of DJ’s looking for a reputation? A T-Shirt brand that finances all of the above?

Trying to describe what we are, we realised that we are a lot of things at the same time. And maybe because of that, because we are a multiband, no label can define us completely. Because we are not a what, we are a how.

And who are we?

We are techno-creative. We create as designers and solve as programmers. We combine these two communities, which, unbelievably, are still working separately. We like to mix it up.

We are retro-futuristic. We run away from the cult of being new just for the sake of being new. Because new doesn’t mean better. We are lovers of good technology, we love visionary and pioneering inventions. Those ones that will never be out of fashion whatever the gadget of the moment is.

And we are good. Damn good. And that’s why we are not shy to say so. Because we are mad about doing what we do and because we only work with the best in everything. And if we don’t have the best, we go out and seek them. It’s that easy.

We are who we are. Not tall or handsome: unique. And although we admire many, we don’t want to be the same as them. For as the wise man said, “The best of being yourself is that you don’t have adversaries”.